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Our Mission

Too many people still have bad oral health. We want to connect more patients with oral health professionals by developing biotech solutions that prevent oral inflammation from causing harm.

A new approach to oral health

The way people take care of their teeth and gums has barely changed over the last decades and is still focused on mechanical biofilm removal. The current molecular understanding of oral health and the state of therapeutics allow for more effective altnernatives. At Zinkh, we develop solutions to manage oral inflammation based on molecular biological principles.

Connecting oral health professionals and patients

We believe in better oral health monitoring and a stronger first line of defence at home. At the same time, we see a key role for oral health professionals to treat more severe pathogens. Our solutions are built to bring oral health providers and patients closer together.

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Effective, affordable and experience focused.

  • We want to make daily oral hygiene a more rewarding and feedback-driven experience.
  • We want to strengthen the link between patients and their care provider to
  • We want to provide consumers with more effective therapeutics to achieve and maintain oral health.

4P's of Patient Care

The 4Ps represent an integrative and pro-active approach healthcare.

At Zinkh, we always strive to integrate the 4 P's of Patient Care into our solutions: predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory.

  • Predictive: diseases and disorders can be accurately predicted by precursors and other tools before initial symptoms occur.
  • Preventive: interventions can be implemented for the predicted disease to prevent damage to health (oral health or general health).
  • Personalized:¬†patient-centered healthcare that is indiviualized for each unique patients.
  • Participatory: patients participate in their healthcare, with sharing information, ownership in their own health, and shared decision-making.

Clinical Advisors

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Research Partners